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Fulfill your dream of becoming president.

🌎LegaDefiLand is the economic game genre. 🌎Built on Binance Smart Chain Blockchain with Google Map API. 🌎Accompanying the farmers are Web3Labs, HuobiDefiLabs Huobi Indonesia.Build the territory of community communication to achieve the desired goal. 🌎Make it unique and valuable.

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The currency in the LegaDefiLand ecosystem, not mineable in the game.Own to redeem, get valuable items redeemable for BUSD

DeFi Gamified Experience


Build a great country by yourself.

Play to earn, play to win.

DeFi Gamified Experience


Land NFTs is a Non-Fungible Token that is as valuable as Bitcoin.

DeFi Gamified Experience

Competing & Trading

Compete and trade on the Defi marketplace. Your creativity, business savvy will make you a lot of money.


Oct 2021

  • Complete the original concept and assemble the team
  • Making Website,Google API
  • Successful fundraising from Web3Labs and HoubiDefiLabs

Quarter 1-2/2022

  • Smart Contract LEGA Coin Development
  • Audit Smart Contract and Token allocation
  • Marketing the game to players
  • Join the "DeFi Retreat 2022" conference in San Diego, CA

Quarter 3-4/2022

  • LegaDefiLand Open Beta
  • Token launch on Houbi Exchanges
  • Join the "AI Summit in Finance" in Toronto, CANADA
  • Portfolio management integration

Quarter 1-2/2023

  • Complete virtual reality of the user in the game
  • 4D mapping for the space race
  • Burn 50% of total supply of LEGA Coin and all NFTs in CSR Contract
  • From robo-advisors to data mining

Quarter 3/2023

  • Face-to-face interactions with sessions live-streamed
  • Engagement Data Mining for the Multi-Blockchain Advertising Industry
  • Listing on Centralized Exchanges
  • System management, future orientation
LEGA Team Member

Technical Advice


LEGA Team Member

Gold Sponsor


LEGA Team Member


Head of partnerships

LEGA Team Member

Duncan Cooper

Head of

Omni Digital Services

LEGA Team Member

Christina Schack

Head of

Data Operations

LEGA Team Member

Stani Kulechov

Co-founder of LEGA

also founder of AAVE

LEGA Team Member


Strategic partnership

LEGA Team Member

Dan Mines

Chief Product Officer

LEGA Team Member

Sam Richardson

Senior Visionary Consultant

Countdown Airdrop End & Listing DEX

Support: Metamask, Trustwallet

Refer and Get 15% of all Airdrop & 40% of BNB

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Purchase Tokens

0.01BNB = 700 LEGA Coin

1BNB = 70,000 LEGA Coin

1 USD (price in BNB will be determined prior to the start of subscription)

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